Female form photography - Rubens in digital
Had Peter Paul Rubens been born in the digital art age...

The power and beauty of the female form is revealed in digitally manipulated photography by this professional fashion photographer.

Power of the female form Power of the female form

This Artist has stock of high quality (50M) digital images for sale. Price guide: Please enquire.

Click to view this artist's Art Gallery where you can view larger image sizes against different background colours, get reference details and a printable contact sheet. Please scroll down to the links below to view artwork by other artists too. including this sketch artist who draws portraits of the female form.

Digital art

With the skill of a professional photographer and careful digital manipulation after the shoot, the power of the female form can be revealed through digital art.

Digital art Digital photography manipulation

Each images takes on a different form, using subtle changes of colour or effects

Digital art Digital photography manipulation Digital photography manipulation

Further application of digital image manipulation creates dramatic photographic images that can support powerful advertising

Digital art where it is clear who holds the power.
And beautiful composition transports the female form into the world of architectural beauty. Digital art

Professional photography that is suitable for publication or framing.

Digital photography manipulation Digital photography manipulation

'Step and repeat' digital technique then applies a further transformation of the female form into a surreal work of art.

Digital photography manipulation

Arabian shoes become a carpet, though barely discernible within the artwork. Fashion photography becomes a kaleidoscope with tantalisingly familiar form, yet the connection alludes us.

Digital photography manipulation

Please note that the sample images on this webpage have been highly compressed for web publishing purposes.

Digital photography manipulation


The artist is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. Known mainly for portrait & fashion photography , this photographer travels extensively and also sells wildlife photography.

All images are shot in digital, and are available as digital files for printing and publishing purposes.

If you are interested in purchasing from stock or placing a commission, please

Digital Art & Fractals

Digital photographic images for home or officePhotographer: Digital images that start with an original nature photograph or of the man-made world. Rapid availability of stock images by post or hi-res image file. Commissions taken to blend colours and original images to suit the creative brief for home or office.
Price guide: From £40.

Surreal art for saleSurreal Art: Surrealist artist has stock of surreal art for sale and can undertake commissions to tight deadlines. This artist starts with traditional media before using a computer to perform complex digital transformations using an original library of textures and body forms. The artist has created work for the Edinburgh Festival and is able to undertake exacting commissions for promotional work and publications.

Esoteric digital artEsoteric Art: This esoteric artist is from the north east coast of England. "My work explores the hidden nature of metaphysical energy. Depicting the music of form and chaos, the images demonstrate the moments of magic trapped in eternity; they are frozen reflections of life at any given moment. These images that I create are an exploration of the primal dance between the physical and the metaphysical."

Fractal images for entrance foyers and lobbiesFractal artist: Creates large artwork for use in executive offices and entrance lobbies of creative organisations. His art is hanging in homes, offices, foyers, holiday homes and even a recording studio. The computer generated art is normally hung as a large piece of art, but other applications include product packaging, wrapping paper and cards, where the 3D effect lends added weight.

Female form digital photographyDigital photography of the female form by a professional photographer. Digital photographs from the shoot are manipulated to create powerful images that are suitable for advertising, publication or hanging as works of art.


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