Hot lips pop art

Fantastic original pop art paintings in acrylic on canvas that are also available as poster prints and digital images for a range of uses from magazines to adverts, and computer wallpaper to mobile phone icons and images

Posters of 70's and 80's culture Posters of 70's and 80's culture

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A fondness for painting bright colourful images with the thick black outline characteristics of a comic creates images that are engaging, fun and appropriate for wide usage from original art in offices, to poster prints for students, digital images for mobile phone, book illustrations and thumbnail icons. The limit is only the imagination, which is why this art is so appropriate for adverts and magazines too.

Talk dark and handsome person Pop art paintings


Drawing inspiration from different areas of pop culture, the influence of the artist's heros that include Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, shine through these acrylic paintings on canvas. Magazines, the work of comic book cartoonist, and adverts are also absorbed for ideas that play on 70's and 60's pop culture.

Wallpaper art

This face on a psychedelic background that echoes the Album cover for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the result of painting directly over wall paper from the 1970's. Dramatic as an original paintings, and this painting also demonstrates how the graphic design style of image can be superimposed over different backgrounds to create an original image, even for display on a mobile phone.

Paintings of lips and faces Paintings of lips and faces Paintings of lips and faces


Never stand still is an apt metaphor for this artist. Acrylic paints dry fast, which opens possibilities for rapid development and evolution of the painting to develop the full character of the subject. Not happy with a single medium - canvas is currently the preferred choice - the artist continues to explore of a wide range of mediums has included charcoal drawings, collage and even the cutting out of images painted on wood.

Pop art paintings of lips and faces Pop art paintings of lips and faces


Graphic designer sells art on the Internet This Australian artist graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia in 2000, and has since been involved in 3 exhibitions, including a graduation show at the Toowoomba Regional art gallery and a group exhibition at the Institute of Modern art in Brisbane.

A spell studying commercial printing and graphic design in Brisbane lead to work as a graphic artist for printing companies. Currently working out of the UK, this artist is able to undertake commissions for individuals and companies and supply originals, prints and images world-wide.

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Portrait painterPortrait artist: captures the emotions expressed through peoples moods and faces. These large oil paintings use tone, colour, body language and perspective to challenge the viewer, to stir recognition or unlock a memory. Art to be enjoyed and art to be explored.
Price guide: From £130 to £750.

Figurative artist paints portraits of famous facesFigurative artist: paints portraits of people, pets and animals. Fantastic large art that blows poster art away. Famous faces include film stars, pop stars and silver screen legends. Not so famous but equally precious are the portraits painted from photos of your children, parents and family. Places that are also dear to your heart can be painted for you by this artist.

Oil paintings for sale - morning with Van GoghOil painter: Trained at the renowned Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania and now living in the UK this portrait artist is influenced by Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klink and Degas. A life-long passion for painting oils of faces, the artist also paints still life and landscapes.


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